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At the head of an industry, do you want to differentiate yourself with an original, personalized, unique production? Discover the know-how of Toro Transfert, your hydrodipping specialist!

Hydrodipping, dip printing

Hydrodipping, hydrographic printing or even “water transfer printing”, is a revolutionary printing process. This technique allows the most spectacular customizations of objects of all kinds, and in a very short time, with precise finishes, close to perfection.

No more personalization with rough paintings, or stickers that take time to design, for a sometimes complex installation and a questionable hold over time. Thanks to hydrodipping, your products will easily come in all colors and with all patterns, to reach a wide range of customers.

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The know-how of craftsmanship on an industrial scale

From an enthusiast practicing in his garage, Miguel Torres became a visionary entrepreneur by imagining new processes and innovative machines to always go further! Initially a self-taught craftsman, he has acquired his know-how and experience over the years and now wishes to offer his services to the largest industries.

To achieve this, he imagined and designed a totally robotic process to produce in mass, with unique and revolutionary machines. These go even further: faster, more precise, adaptable, the goal is to be able to adapt to all sectors of activity.

A booming business

To evolve, Miguel Torres has surrounded himself with a trusted team with diverse and complementary skills, which tends to grow even further. From technicians to sales and administrative services, all are effective and invested elements within the company.

Toro Transfert’s goal is to become YOUR reference provider for all your customizations via the hydrodipping process. Ever larger premises, ever more advanced research, ever more efficient machines, the company is keen to develop ever more in order to respond as efficiently as possible to all requests, under the best conditions.

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What is hydrodipping film?

What is hydrodipping film?

Hydrographic painting, or immersion printing, requires a very specific raw material: hydrodipping film. Toro Transfert, your artisanal and industrial hydrography company, tells you a little more about this product. A very specific product The hydrodipping film is a...

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New website

New website

Welcome all Internet users to our new website. We hope that you will find all the answers to your questions here. We remain at your disposal for more information.

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