Hydrographic printing

Hydrodipping, or even immersion painting, is a process for affixing a pattern print on various media. The technique consists of immersing them in a hydrographic film placed on the water. Discover the secrets of hydrographic printing!

What is hydrodipping ?

To obtain a product with perfect finishes, this technique requires very specific mastery, and a series of important steps:

  1. a prepared support :

As with a traditional painting, for a quality hydrographic impression, the support must be prepared:

  • It must be sanded, degreased and dusted
  • You have to hide the parts that do not have to be painted
  • Base paint: the films can be opaque, semi-opaque or transparent, so it is important that the base color of the material matches the design selected :
  1. The print

This is the decisive step: the hydrographic film is placed on the water, an activator is applied. The object is then immersed in the tank, on the film, at a specific angle and speed.

  1. rinsing, drying, finishes

When the product is personalized, it is first rinsed and then dried. Finally, it is advisable to apply a varnish, for a shiny or even mat finish, but above all to protect it from UV rays, dust and wear associated with its use.


Who is this technique for?

Long associated with “tuning”, hydrodipping is nevertheless suitable for almost all media (plastics, wood, glass, metal, etc.) as long as they can be immersed in water. Now, thanks to the development of technologies and processes, and the choice of graphics from the most sober to the most eccentric, its field of application has become very wide:

  • Transport: car, motorcycle, boat …
  • Cosmetics: perfumes, makeup accessories, etc.
  • Appliances and furniture: coffee machines, decorative objects …
  • Medical: appliances, prostheses, etc.
  • Sport: equipment and materials, protections …
  • Building: PVC slats, switches …

And much more…

Toro Transfert gives you the ability to print the design of your objects on an industrial scale using unique technologies that allow you to customize runs from 1,000 to over 500,000 pieces. All in a very short time.

And because today customers want above all to stand out, if you cannot find the design that suits you among the thousands of references available, it is possible to create a tailor-made model, with your logo or any other motif. Tell us about your hydrographic printing project !

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